• Creating a new experience for you to easily manage your medications.

    Built with you in mind.

  • Almost half of all adults in the UK take prescription drugs.

  • THE  SUVERA Mission

    Create a simple mobile application that gives you access to intuitive reminders so that taking your medication becomes easier to manage.

  • Schedule with ease.

  • Add your medications

    with ease.

  • Get notified with ease.

  • All about SUVERA

    Personalised and reliable information

    Sourced directly from the  The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

    Once you enter the app, important information regarding your medical history, for instance: age and allergies, can be stored in the app secure behind a passcode. This information will allow SUVERA to detail personalised information about the prescriptions you're taking in a concise news feed type design.


    (in development)

    Clever push reminders

    Never forget to take your medication, ever again.

    Once you have entered all the medications you're currently taking, you will get encouraging reminders as to when your next medication is due. Frequency and duration of reminders are completely customisable.


    (in operation)

    Rewards for taking your medication in the right way

    Take your medication and we reward you with healthy benefits.

    SUVERA is partnering with your local retail stores to reward you with some exclusive healthy deals from the likes of Boots, Superdrug, Holland & Barrett and more. All you have to do is keep taking your medication.


    (in development)

  • The Team


    Founder | SUVERA​

    UCL Medical student


    Medical intern | Outcomes based Healthcare

    Research Intern | Adjaye Associates

    One of the top 10 black students in UK

    Co-Founder ​| SUVERA

    UCL Medical student


    Chairman | UCL Medical Society Enterprise & Innovation

    Medical intern | MedTech Engine

    Tech Lead ​| SUVERA

    MSc Computer Science with AI Graduate | University of Nottingham


    Co-Tech Lead ​| SUVERA

    BSc Games programming and Computer Science student | Goldsmith's University

  • Launching soon on Android.

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